My Geeks 2.1 - 2.3

Geek 2.1: Evel Knievel (7)

Of course my 7 year old is not named Evel Knievel, but it's a nick name that fits his personality all too well. If some glowing alien goo came crashing into our backyard in the middle of the night, Evel Knievel's first thought would be "Oh, let's see what happens if I poke it with a stick!". No, actually he would just want to poke it with a stick, that sounds like fun, without thinking what may happen. Since he is 3, we plan for an ER trip, including a set of X-rays and the bill for a pediatric plastic surgeon in our yearly family budget. I can see him become a test car driver who crashes that $2mln prototype and while everyone expects a Niki Lauda scenario he climbs out of the burning wreck almost unscathed. Or he might end up winning a Darwin award, who knows, it's a fine line between genius and madness. He is the energy that sparks everyone around him, the Energizer Bunny has nothing on him.

Geek 2.2: Mr Entropy (5)

Like the DeVito/Schwarzenegger twins, Mr Entropy got the polar opposite set of genes than Evel Knievel when it comes to personality. He is the quiet one who rather stays inside and reads a book or plays a board game. He seems lost in his own thoughts a lot, but he actually usually observes a lot more than you think and thinks a lot more than it seems. He is the one encouraging Evel Knievel to poke that goo with a stick, while watching with a clipboard from a safe distance. His favorite cartoon character is Dr Doofenshmirtz. But his most amazing ability is to return a room, that the entire family just spend an exhausting afternoon tidying up, to a state of maximum entropy - an equal number of balls, crayons and pieces of square paper (with a blue star and a purple X) spread out in equidistant piles across every surface. Like gravity he does this slowly, persistently and silently, and you are a fool if you think you can stop him.

Geek 2.3: The Queen (3)

Her nickname is not a reflection of how we treat her, but of her ability to look like the Queen of England opening the 2012 Summer Olympics when she is not getting her way or not pleased with what is happening. Being 3 and having two older brothers, that happens a lot. I have a whole folder with pictures labeled "The Queen is not amused", where she looks just as endearing as her name sake. She can make you feel humiliated by raising an eyebrow, Spock would be proud. But she is also a Paperbag Princess, who rather wears a Lightning McQueen shirt and fire truck socks than a dress, gets into the midst of the fun, and does not take s*** from anyone. She has no problem arguing with Mr Entropy if she wants something, never mind he is 2 years older and has about 20 pounds on her. She rules her day care room. She is solving her own problems, no worries there!