Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Geek's Guide to Food Prep

So how can a Geek blog get into the spirit of a week centered around making, eating and praising food? Well, you are not going to find any recipes or pictures of homemade easy-over upside-down blueberry-peach crumble, based on an ancient family recipe smuggled into the country in the lining of my great-grandmother's underclothes. Martha Steward - I got nothing for you. I am too busy building Lego planes with the kids to even plan a meal that is more than a standard deviation above average meal prep time (currently at 28.6 minutes).

By Chef Sean Christopher

So instead, our geek way to join the food frenzy will be picking up a roast chicken from a chain store, and then just watching how foods are made on TV. Sorry, still no Martha Steward worthy material. We are talking the big, industrial, mass-produced way foods are made in giant facilities without a human in sight. The Science channel prepared this sumptuous feast for us with perogies, hot dogs and veggies burgers, lasagna; topped with bacon and hot sauce; apple pie and chocolates for dessert; and some rum for the adults. These wonderful educational videos are best consumed after the Thanksgiving feast. They will make going on a diet so much easier, because you might just have discovered that you really don't want to eat any food ever again that you have not grown and prepared yourself (and who has time for that).

But just in case you now really want to do that food thing by yourself, start with the world's best Chicken Sherry, from my blogger friend The Frazzled Foodie.

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