Friday, January 17, 2014

MySims Agents

My 7-year old loves mysteries, riddles and clue hunts, so the Wii version of "MySims Agents" looked like a good option to avoid the being-bored syndrome during snow days. According to him, the game gets 6 stars out of 5. If your child can read, this is a great non-violent game to make them think a little.

Officially a one-player game, it plays with the nun-chuck plugged into the remote on the Wii, which allows two kids to share. While one navigates the agent on screen with the nun-chuck, the other presses the selection buttons on the remote. The objective of the game is to solve 18 cases of increasing complexity. Players have to explore larger and larger locations to collect forensic evidence, assemble clues and decide which person to interrogate next. A notebook works as an unofficial help function suggesting the next task that is required to move on in the case. That way parents can catch up on the case and provide suggestions, without knowing all the details of the case. But in case you really get stuck, someone has already compiled a complete walk-through, including hints and suggested strategies.

Cogs and gear puzzle

The game requires logical thinking, some planning, and keeping track of clues, leads and dead ends. Players also have to solve puzzles, assemble molecules and figure out engineering problems. The game also provides some cute little activities not relevant to the cases. My son occasionally spends half an hour sending his agent into the hot tub in a snow suit, practicing somersaults dressed as a ninja or repainting the walls of his agent head quarters (it is a MySims game after all). The only negative remarks I found for this game online were that a serious gamer can complete all cases in 15 hours. So yes, this is a quick and not incredibly challenging game for an adult. But for kids it is just perfect. My son has spend 30 hours there right now and is barely half way through. He is in no rush and enjoys climbing up the crane every time he passes by. For anyone still able to stop and watch the roses, this is just right.

Molecule puzzle
Geek factor: 4 out of 5
Fun factor: 4 out of 5

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