Thursday, May 15, 2014

Geeky dads deserve a geeky gift

The good thing about Mother's Day being in May is that it posts a reminder about Father's Day being just around the corner, too. So here are a few ideas that might be just perfect for your geeky Dad.

1) The undisputed #1 Geek Dad - Darth Vader, superbly penned by Jeffrey Brown. Read my quick summary here: Darth Vader - the unappreciated Geek Dad

"Darth Vader and son" and "Vader's little princess" By Jeffrey Brown

2) Get dad the best chair in the house - one that hovers! You will need plywood, a lawn chair, a shower curtain and a leaf blower, and follow these assembly instructions for your very own hover chair. This is on my bucket list, and in a few year once I don't have to worry anymore that The Queen might staple her own foot to the floor, we will try this.

3) If your geeky Dad rather wants to do the constructing himself, but you don't have a Ferb creating blueprints for you, then here a book with plenty of ideas for all ages (of the little helpers). From electronic origami and building a binary calendar to making your own custom-molded ice cube tray there are plenty of ideas, including time and budget estimates.

"Geek Dad" by Chris Anderson

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