Wednesday, May 28, 2014

There's 104 days of summer vacation ...

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There's 104 days of summer vacation ... and if you have as "many" vacation days as the average American, this means that for 99 of these days you will need child care. But as my 7-year old just informed me, spending the summer in his former preschool with his siblings is no longer sufficient. "Summers are not just for fun, you need to make time to learn something, too!" Before you marvel at the enthusiasm for learning that schools are able to instill nowadays, let me say that his one and only intention was to get signed up for 4 weeks of soccer camp. Out on a field from 9am-2pm in what with 96.7% likelihood will be 130 degree weather. Sorry buddy, but I don't think so.

However, I realized that there could be more to summer camp than someone supervising my child, so I set out to find some summer programs worthy of geek approval. Here is what I found, roughly sorted by geography. If you know of other hidden gems, please leave a link in the comments section!

Giant Heart at The Franklin Institute


The Franklin Institute
Geek Credentials: It's The Franklin Institute!

Penn Museum
Geek Credentials: Anthropology, behind-the-scenes museum visits, scavenger hunts

Geek Squad Summer Academy
Geek Credentials: PC Build and programming

Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University
Geek Credentials: Dinosaurs, Bigfoot, behind the scenes at the museum, live animals
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Drexel University:
Geek Credentials: Robotics, film-making and special effects, programming, photography and graphic design and more

Western Philly suburbs

Villanova University
Location: Villanova
Geek Credentials: programming and video game design

Locations: Devon, Spring City, Phoenixville, Oaks, King of Prussia, Eagleville
Geek Credentials: Lego camp with topics such as "Angry Birdies/Bad Piglets", "Animated movie-making" and "Robotics"

Valley Forge National Historic Park and Franklin Institute
Location: Valley Forge / King of Prussia
Geek Credentials: the science behind historical battles, ecosystems and natural resources

Chesterbrook Academy
Locations: West Chester and Oaks
Geek Credentials: Half day or full day Technology Camp with activities in mechanical engineering, video game design and animation work-shop

Great Valley Nature Center
Location: Devault, PA 19432
Geek Credentials: Geocaching, compass reading, paintball and learning about the animals at the Nature Center

Location: Rosemont
Geek Credentials: Genetics and DNA, Time & Space, Engineering

New Jersey

Katz JCC
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Geek Credentials: Anatomy or the heart and brain, science of movement

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